The Avon Lady

A couple of years ago we ran into a woman who was and always will be called The Avon Lady. Of course I know her real name. She is a wonderful woman whose visits caused excitement in our house. She always had something new for us to try and left lots of samples. Mum almost always bought something so her visits were regular, often on a Saturday afternoon.

This morning Mrs. T mentioned Avon in passing. I pounced on this tidbit of information as I didn't know that Avon operated in Japan! Here's the website.

I think my most cherished possession as a child was my Avon Tooth Fairy. It was a beautiful iridescent glass bottle, blue, filled with perfume. A tiny organza purse hung from the Tooth Fairy's delicate wrist. That's where the tooth went and if you were lucky some money had taken its place by morning.

It would probably be another great eBay seller if I still had it.


  1. I still have my avon mouse perfume. I just packed it last night. I think Emily will like it later. It still has perfume in it! I have also packed your barbie closet and cane chairs. She will love them I am sure!!


  2. Cool! I'm glad Emily will be able to play with that stuff.

  3. But I still want to say don't go :(


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