Bamboo Bag Update

The finished result is so pretty. My friend is thrilled of course. I got it done just in time for an event at the kindergarten this morning. She was so happy.

I got a free pattern from my local fabric store at Aeon. I modified it slightly (as you do). I lined this bag with bright blue broadcloth, picked up from one of the flower colors. I've also lined it with quite stiff sew-in interfacing so it keeps its shape. It almost stands on its own. Even full.

I'm very pleased with the overall result. It took about 2 hours to make so it's a very manageable project and not at all difficult, perhaps beginner to intermediate level.

It's full of all her daily essentials but still looks great.


  1. ^_^ Hi! Don't know whether you remember me, but I'm already in Rinku Town! For a few days now... ^_^ Life at the centre is pretty busy, but just want to ask, where is the fabric shop at AEON? I've been there a few times (I borrow the centre's bicycle and cycle there, it takes quite a while though because of the two bridges) and didn't get to see a fabric shop... It would be great if there was one there!! ^_^ I wanted to join Chatty Cafe but not too sure whether I'd fit in there... ^_^ Plus so far I can't make it for any of the dates... >_<

  2. Hi! You made it how exciting!

    The fabric shop at Aeon is in the Aeon/Jusco department store - at one end of the mall. The food part takes up most of the first floor, you may also want to check out stationery and lunch boxes on that floor (near the bicycles). Upstairs on the second floor, still within the supermarket, is the fabric shop. It's called Pandora House and is on the back wall, near the suitcases and baby section. It's small but lovely!

    Also at the mall is a huge book shop - Asahiya. The 2nd floor, opposite end to the supermarket.

    If you cycle back towards Rinku Station you'll find Seacle. On the second floor there is a craft shop called Dream. You must go there, I'm there every five minutes it's so good.

    Chatty Cafe will have to have a special day for you! Are you free on Friday the 30th? I have a friend coming who would love to meet you.

  3. Oh! It's on Jusco second level! No wonder! I went to the first level (I bought a pillow there! ^_^) but never ventured into the second level. Wai!! ^_^ I saw Asahiya too but didn't go in! Why did I miss out on all the interesting places?? >_<.

    Oooh! Seacle, I know that place! Haven't gone in yet, but oooooh... CRAFT SHOP!! Will definitely try to go!!! Hope I don't spend too much there, I'm definitely hitting Nippori this friday when we go down for our Tokyo sidetrip, so I want to save some money for that!! ^_^

    As for my schedule, I basically have classes till around 3.30 most weekdays, and sometimes we have sidetrips or homestay on the weekends. I can only make it after 3.30pm on Friday 30th though, is that okay?? I really want to meet up with you too!! ^_^ Basically for this week I'm packed, but for next week I'm free after 3.30pm on Tuesday-Friday, weekend I'd be having homestay... Then I'd be totally free on the 7th and 8th of June, that's Sat and Sun. If you happen to be free on those days let's meet up! ^_^


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