Blue, Blue and More Blue

It's not hard to tell the gender of my children looking at this collection of t shirts. Blue seems to be the predominant color.

This afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked to the Outlet Mall. It's great living so near but in reality it's all very overpriced branded items which I cannot afford.

We spent almost exactly 10,000 yen (is that around a hundred dollars?) and got nine things. Pretty reasonable I thought. It took an hour at the shop (GAP) and it was fairly pain-free this time (shopping with my boys that is). Little Guy had a wonderful time pestering his brother in the fitting rooms.

We meandered home collecting pine cones, looking at building sites and greeting the various dogs along the way.

If you called us on the phone, that's where we were :)


  1. The outlet malls here make me laugh. They still cost more than regular price at fancy-ish stores back home, don't you think?

    I am so happy to have one of each gender so I can get my pink fix on now and then. Feel free to do some pink proxy shopping if you just can't take the blue anymore. LOL!

  2. Oh they have so much cute girls stuff. I think I should get started on my personal shopping business. Shall I send you my rates? you send me her size chart?


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