Bon Voyage

What says Bon Voyage better than a Parisian Travel Billfold? Nothing!

My little friend is off on her first voyage sans maman.


  1. OMG oh la la!!! ma petite Doris is gonna lerve you.
    merci beaucoup!!

  2. You are so talented. My passport holders are no way near as cool and detailed as yours.

  3. Thanks! Doris couldn't possibly love me any more than she already does!

    Thanks Alfalfa, I love yours so much. It's inspired me. My own travel billfold does not have a button so I got that idea from you.

    I added the extra pockets and stuff since I know Doris will be taking some other travel documents with her, and it's always handy to have a pen.

  4. Ooh - love it!
    I am thinking I might have to put in an order too... for our big trip to Japan. What do you think?

  5. Oh yes Cathy, it's perfect for you, sophisticated chic! and great since you will be carrying two passports.

    I'll make another one ASAP! I'll be able to see how it holds up when you arrive.

  6. Now I am excited!!! (well, even MORE excited!!)


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