I adore flowers. Before I had kids I loved to have fresh flowers in the house all the time (when I could afford them).

These days I hardly ever have time to even shop for flowers and my garden doesn't have any cutting flowers. I was thrilled when one of the Chatters brought these beautiful flowers from out of her garden. I haven't a clue what they are. Renunculous? They are a gorgeous shade of pink and are faintly scented. She said they are going to open slowly over the next couple of days.


  1. Did she by any chance call them buttons?? or something that sounded like that? If so, then they are peonies (peony) and a favourite of your fave Martha!!!

    My MIL has three plants in the garden and they are gorgeous!

  2. I don't think that's what they said and although they look like peonies I am not sure if they are.They might be. They sure smell nice.

  3. OK, I asked her and she said Rhododendron but you know what I think Kaimacat is right they look like peony. A mystery, HELP!!

  4. These are peonies for SURE. I know because my grandmother had those and they are one of my very favorite flowers :))

  5. Thanks for settling that Eva and I am SO HAPPY to see you here. I read that you are taking a bloggy break :(


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