Bring on BBQ season

The service at our local plant centre is beyond compare. Yesterday on the spur of the moment we decided to go over to have a look. It was about 3 o'clock. We decided to get two trees and went on to ask about delivery. Amazingly the man said delivery and planting was included in the price and that he would be able to come right then! He arrived at our place within 15 minutes of us getting back.

Once they were planted we all agreed that one more would finish the space off nicely. He made his recommendation, we thought it sounded good, he was back at 9.20 this morning planting it in.

I can guarantee you would not get this level of service anywhere else in the world.

Doesn't it look great? We enjoyed our picnic immensely until our six year old starting having a hissy fit about something. That's a story I don't want to go into.


  1. Oh, the hissy fit. No family event is complete without one, is it? If you ever find yourself running short on hissy fits let me know. We have plenty. I will gladly send you some. I even have girly hissy fits in stock. Might be a nice change from the boy variety, no? LOL!

    The trees look nice.

  2. Muriel thought the baby hatch was an option? I know that's something you've considered. LOL

  3. I like the trees! They are going to be great for shade from the heat.

    I love the new place we moved into but definitely missing picnicing in our own yard. I might invite myself to yours so watch out!

  4. Oh yes come! It would be fab. We have a giant paddling pool for out there. The new neighbors are in a for a nasty shock, hehehehe, they'll soon regret building so near to my fence!


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