Chatty Cafe & Cafe Totes

Today I'll be hosting Chatty Cafe. Click the link for a peek at the cake.

I've been working on a little set for my friend Mrs. M. Would you believe she has been keeping her iPod in a plastic ziploc bag. No, No, No, we can't have that!

She also needs a Cafe Tote so she can sneak work from her home business into the office at her day job. ;)


  1. Did I start a trend?

    I really like this bag. It's very cute.

  2. You did Helen!!!! she saw your one and wanted one!! I was going to acknowledge you then couldn't remember if you posted here as Helen or Stellar.

    Consider yourself a trend-setter!!

    Kaimacat will be thinking the fabric is awfully familiar. Mrs M saw your bag and loved it.

  3. I post as Helen, but my blog name is actually stella starstruck (all together).

  4. Well I adore my bag and it usually my first choice when I go out.:)

  5. I'm so glad you still love it. I took my one out today for the first time (same pattern in the teal floral) It was very comfortable and fit a surprising amount. I was pretty pleased.


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