Confessions from Bad Mothers

Hands up who else has just had a four day long weekend and yet is still ironing school uniforms and packing school bags five minutes before departure? Me! Not only was I ironing it I was also frantically ironing on name labels after deciding summer shorts should be worn from now on. I'm the world's most disorganized and lazy mother. How many countless times do you think I have had the iron out for my sewing this weekend?


  1. jan in nagasaki7 May 2008 at 12:14 PM

    i think that when my first kid was in first grade, i got caught off guard quite a lot. and then i started figuring out that the sooner done the better...especially in the long weekend situations.

    live and learn... and hope that the kids don't hand you stuff on monday morning and expect you to work miracles....

  2. Live and learn, a good mantra

  3. For some reason today was a holiday for our school, but I always do what Jan is talking about. Get it ready sooner rather than later - like last Friday just hours after it all got sent home. It saves on so much stress.

    Not sure what I will do when the kids are older and the last minute monday morning panic pops up, but the words "tough sh#t kiddo!" come to mind. LOL!

  4. Japanese schools make way too much work for mothers. You are far from lazy...just have different priorities.

    Me, I never iron. Never.

  5. I don't think I will be able to change my ways. I have always been one for doing things last minute, since I was a kid myself.


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