Congratulations Jan!

Yes, DAMN Jan has won! I used this page, and got this result:

Sequence #1 winning # 1
The remaining 15 of the 16 subjects were not selected.

I didn't think the online random number generator was working properly until I tried it again and got a different number. The first and winning number randomly drawn was #1.

Since both Sherry and Corrina graciously bowed out #1 was assigned to Jan in Nagasaki, DAMN!!

Congratulations Jan and thank you to everyone who entered and wrote such lovely messages.

I'll be able to get that in the mail to you this week Jan, congratulations and thank you.


  1. jan in nagasaki5 May 2008 at 8:18 AM

    oh me! oh my! what a nice thing to wake up to!! before my coffee even.

    damn blooming!!! thank you!!!

    welcome to the bag lady club!!!!!!

  2. It almost seemed rigged didn't it Jan. You seem to want it most and you end up winning! MissB has been talking to you about the Law of Attraction hasn't she.


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