Lately I am obsessed with damask printed fabrics. I have had my eye on a red and white cushion cover for a while now. But actually our place doesn't have a lot of red so I keep hesitating. Now I know why. Tonight I found this: Havanna Damask duvet set. The blue. I love it. I am fond of this color at the moment...it appears in small details throughout my house.

A lot of fabric designers have a version of damask in their current ranges. Look at Joel Dewberry,
Etsuko Furaya (a variation with animals), Amy Butler and Designers Guild for a few ideas.

Earlier I was researching something else and stumbled upon this website Bella Pacific. It's in my home city, Auckland. Just yesterday I was telling my friend that I don't like the Hawaiian quilt style and yet when I saw these appliqué cushions from the Pacific Islands near New Zealand I loved them.


  1. Looking at your recommendations for damask on the internet while watching Rage on tv (a music video program). I looked up to see a girl singing with Kanye West, standing in front of damask wallpaper. Its still such a classic/cool style and I love the Echino twist on it.

  2. Yes Alfalfa I think it was your Echino fabric that got me hooked on it.

    Have you seen the movie Lucky Number Slevin? The wallpaper!!!!! it was so distracting because it was so amazing.

    I'm feeling slightly obsessed with Joel Dewberry today. His new line is perfect for me with a slight asian twist.

  3. OMG! I have those cushion covers! Just in a different color.

  4. Oh wow! They're great. I like them a lot.


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