The day dawns bright

Thankfully we have all slept well overnight. It was an early start but none of the previous night's antics. We are all off out the door soon anyway.

We have a lot on today: Biggie has Saturday School followed by a pool party at the local swimming club. He'll be having dinner there since it finishes at 8 o clock. However I already have a beef & mushroom casserole in the Crockpot.

I will be teaching an English lesson this morning and hopefully I'll get some sewing done after that.

I am finally reupholstering my least favorite chair. Prompted by Little Guy drawing all over the old cover with a green marker pen. So far neither I nor Biggie is all that keen on the fabric I have bought. It seems a bit too beige next to our stark white walls. I'm hoping it will look better once it's finished. I found some very nice fabric from the Home Collection by Lecien.

Have a good day.

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