Etsy Sellers, some changes

Etsy has just added a SHOP POLICIES section to the stores. Read mine and see what you think. And don't forget to update yours. A while ago the REQUEST CUSTOM ITEM feature was added. This has to be set up manually by the shop owner. Have you done that? Read mine if you like. I've also made some changes to my PROFILE since that's where my Shop Policies were listed before.

Friends & customers, please have a look at Mee a Bee, all that's cute from Japan.


  1. I've just received the notification from etsy about this! Yikes, I have to make time and sit down to absorb it all! You store policy sounds really good to me - straighforward and very comprehensive...well done (I think it's actually a big job to write one out!)

  2. Yes I got that email too. I already had a policy in my profile so I have transferred it into the relevant parts. Still it took a while since I rewrote some things.

    Feel free to use whichever parts of mine suit you :) Copy & paste away.


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