Feeling murderous

The fun continues here at Mee a Bee HQ. Little Guy has discovered that he can climb - out of his crib, onto the bureau, onto the bookshelf, up to the front door lock, onto the window sill. He feels compelled to escape from the house (perhaps he can read my mind and murderous thoughts). Oh and he thought it would be fun to do all these things at 1am.

With about three hours sleep under my belt I am off to meet a friend for a triple espresso and fresh-baked pan au chocolat. Hopefully the caffeine will kick in quickly.


  1. Ahh yes, just this week I was asking around on the baby return policy!
    Have you read the Wonder Weeks book? Their theory is that babies tend to have sleepless nights right before a big growth spurt or new milestone. I like to think that way because then I can think that the sleeplessness won't be permanent. I'm sure the new humidity plays a role too. I just wish I could keep DS from physically opening my eyelids when he wakes up to play.
    Sleeping vibes going your way!

  2. Oh yes, I've asked but damn it the hospital doesn't take returns or even exchanges.

    He may be heading for a growth spurt. Or he has just realised that we are all around doing stuff while he's in bed therefore he is missing out.


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