Friday Quick Update

It's been a hectic week. I've been so tired I have actually nodded off on the couch about three times. Usually until one of my kids poked me in the eye or yelled loudly in my ear.

Little Guy has been sick (again) with a high temperature so that has kept me up late and preoccupied during the day. He's finally coming right today after about three or four days of misery.

Unfortunately I missed the first open day at Biggie's school on Wednesday. Today Biggie's teacher will be visiting our home for a fifteen minute parent-teacher interview. Don't ask me why this needs to be done in our home. That's just how it's done here in Japan.

Yesterday we got a lovely parcel from Kaimacat, one of my regular readers. Thank you! Little Guy actually sat up for a few minutes to look at his present while Biggie opened it. It was such a thoughtful gift (beads and accessories, Sponge Bob stationery and luxurious goodies from L'Occcitane). Thanks so much.

This morning my neighbors came over to tell me that two of our other neighbors are in hospital (they're elderly). They were visiting each house to collect a few dollars with which to buy a gift. Isn't that nice?

And lastly I've been run off my feet with Chatty Cafe reservations and inquires. Great! you can see I have set up the other blog for that.

Off to clean before the teacher gets here :)


  1. Hey glad the parcel arrived and it cheered up littlie for a while.

    The new blog looks great and the chatty cafe sounds like so much fun. We have a Martha in the making!

    Take care of yourself too though.

    All the best

  2. Oh how I love to be compared to Martha. It all started for her with her catering business you know.

    Thanks :)


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