Grocery Bags

This afternoon Biggie showed me his homework. One of the things he needed for school tomorrow was a plastic grocery bag. I already knew that we did not have one single plastic bag in the house since I had been hunting for one earlier. All our groceries are delivered these days so we just don't have them anymore. I am also pretty good at using my eco-totes when I do shop. Our kindly neighbor was only too happy to oblige even filling the bag with delicious creme brulee puddings.

Tonight's sewing project ties in nicely with this story. I have sewn quite possibly the world's cutest eco-tote. Matryoshka or Babooshka dolls have been popular in their printed form for a couple of years. This new fabric from Kokka is the best I've seen. Simply adorable.

As for the bag, it's still in prototype mode. The handles seem a bit wide and short. The order in which I sewed it together has resulted in some seams I don't like. Still it is completely functional and finished with French seams. I may use it myself or sell it off cheap to a friend. I do love it despite its design pitfalls.


  1. i love it! i would be happy to take (buy) that off your hands for you. ;)

  2. Thanks Illahee - if you really want it send me your address, my email address is listed on the side panel somewhere.

    1000 yen would be great. Send me a Starbucks card or a book voucher, stamps ...

    You'd be able to hang it off your stroller quite nicely.

    I am going to make some more to sell in my shop.

  3. I love the material too, but honestly, my first impression was, "Oh, she's started making shirts now!" I thought it was a sleeveless top on the hanger.

    Too bad I don't live closer, I could give you a ton of plastic bags. We've finally started taking our own bag for groceries to the store, but we have a lot left from before.

  4. I thought that too Helen! It's the hanger!

  5. LOL! Helen, I thought the same thing - that it was a shirt. It is really cute and looks well made though.

    I have my re-usable bags, but I always get a few plastic bags here and there as the school is always wanting some for something. They are like a plastic bag black hole those people. We also have to have plastic bags handy on the buses and trains for DD, but that is a story I don't want to get into.

  6. How cool is that fabric. Its probably for the best that I don't live close to a Japanese fabric shop, as I would be broke.

    I do use my green bags quite often and even have one in the home corner at work for the children to play with. It gets filled up with plastic food.

  7. I thought you'd like that Alfalfa! I have one more in the same kind, a different pattern. The babooshka comes in other colors too.

    Little Guy has filled up my summer handbag with books from his brother's room today. He must think it would be the perfect library bag.

    Sherry, I hope MissM grows out of her unfortunate need for plastic bags on public transport. Have you tried the homeopathic travel spray from Weleda? It's excellent.

    So does everyone think that fabric might make a cute toddler dress??


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