Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

(cracks me up how Biggie can read my mind, I'm always thinking about bags for Mee a Bee)


  1. It looks just like you! (Before your shower!:))

    Does he get the feeling Mummy only ever thinks about bags??

    My kids thought doing their homework without complaint was good enough. DH has taken them out for the day and I am supposed to be working!

  2. Thanks! There's something Picasso-esque about the shape of the nose don't you think?

  3. How cute!

    My kids presented me with a store bought muffin on top of which they had put an amazingly large amount of whipped cream, chocolate syrup and about 5 different kinds of candy sprinkles. Actually they had each had one to give me but DD2 dropped her's on the ground before our front door. It touched me.
    And I have to confess--I was relieved that my gift was edible and not something cut and pasted that I'd have to hang on to and display for a year. . . I am such a bad mum. . .but I was so relieved when the large wooden, ugly paper clip memo holder from Mother's Day 2002 finally broke.


  4. you make me laugh.

    I am secretly waiting for the magnet to fall off the milk carton that I have on my fridge, it's a handy fridge mounted pen holder. Biggie made it in his first year of kindergarten (2006)


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