Homicidal thoughts continue

I know I have it easy. My kids are generally great sleepers. Which is just as well since after only twenty four hours of sleepless Little One I am starting to see why some parents are driven to the edge.

Actually I might not mind if he didn't sleep if he could still behave normally. But with the fatigue, the heat and his age he simply cannot stop doing things he shouldn't do. Such as open the oven door while it's on.

I'm just crossing my fingers he will sleep tonight. I know I will.


  1. I have sympathy for you, really I do; but try taking your last 24 hours and multiplying that by almost 707 days (that is almost 2 years - birthday is Monday!) Now you totally understand how and why I have completely lost my mind. Hope he gets over whatever is going on with him right now and you get some sleep. If he doesn't maybe we can get a group rate at the phychiatric hospital.

  2. I sense how sympathetic you are NOT!!! LOL.
    Will Little Guy really be two on Monday? Time really has flown. Happy Birthday Little man!!


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