I need this

This morning in my mailbox I found a link to a work-from-home parent's dream. Looking through the Flickr pages makes me want to cry. How wonderful would a place like this be? Look at the decor, the color scheme and the motivational phrases written on the walls. Sign us up now. Cubes & Crayons. The front page sums it up: office space for adults who need to work (cubes) & kid space for fun, learning & growth (crayons). It's in California but could Osaka be its next location?


  1. Wow, brilliant...I badly need this too :(

  2. Hi there.

    I like the work space thought up by the Dibert guy. Check it out here:


  3. Tamaki that is so cool. I hadn't seen that before. Is it really being produced commercially?

    Sugarloop - I feel your pain. We have kids the same age, how anyone is supposed to get anything done I don't know.


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