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I don't think it's any secret that I often feel like I am suffering from a mental illness. Usually after I have not had enough sleep, have lots of work to do, it's hot and my kids start ________ (fill in the blank). I even read the checklists in magazine advertisements (for mental illness drugs) to confirm. In the end I self-diagnose and feel better. Most of the time I am homicidal, suicidal or have Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome.

That's why this blog article caught my eye: Could Blogging Actually Be Better than Dr. Phil?

Here's a quote from the article "We think that perhaps many people see blogging as a way of therapy, a way to get their emotions out there, a way of being heard and venting feelings. We all know what it is like to just need someone to talk too… maybe thats why we love blogging?" From

The original article is on Quoting from this article "Male bloggers tend to write about politics, technology and money; women are more likely to blog about their private lives and use an intimate style of writing".

*Warning* if you click the link to the blog referenced in the first article there is an American Idol spoiler

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