Little Secret

I think I've mentioned before, my dirty little secret, to getting it all done: Naps.

When I was young I couldn't sleep during the day without waking up with an awful headache. My mother, on the other hand, often nodded off in the chair on a Saturday afternoon. Now I've finally mastered it. And I seem to be able to do it whilst still keeping an ear out for the kids.

So there you have it. A couple of times a week I have a little power nap in the afternoon or sometimes just after the kids have had their dinner. Biggie usually says he'll give me ten minutes. It's the key to surviving on less than six hours sleep a night. That and Sunday sleep ins.


  1. I love my power naps, too! My husband and I were watching a TV show last week about sleeping patterns and how to figure out what your optimal sleep amount is for each day. Last week we both tracked our sleep to see what works best for us. I think my husband wishes his best time amount was 10 hours (so he could sleep more without feeling guilty about it!) but actually we're both more around 7-8 hours. It was really interesting. Of course to get that much sleep I need to go to bed at 11pm which I never do so usually a 30-minute nap is in order!

  2. So that's the secret!
    I remember my Mum and Dad used to pop upstairs for a 'power nap' every Saturday afternoon. ;)

  3. MissBehaving - I do most of napping solo ... might have to make a suggestion to Mr. Mee a Bee ... he's home today ;)

    Sarah I cant imagine going to bed at 11 either.


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