More news on the bag front

Here's an idea I just love. It's brilliant. You know those banners that are strung from lamp-posts for advertising? A district in Canada has come up with a great recycling idea - they are making the banners into eco-totes. Isn't that cool? You can read more about it here and also find out where you can buy the bags (in Vancouver).

I would love to buy a bag like this from somewhere that I have been and have fond memories of. The Louvre in Paris, Cannes Film Festival or the Pasifika in New Zealand.


  1. A recycle idea that I just came across and not sure I will try but liked is to take roughly 8 layers or so of plastic bags - the kind from the supermarket or wherever - and in between two pieces of wax paper - iron them. (The wax paper is EXTREMELY important obviously.) It melts the plastic together and forms a material that you can then sew together. Or so I have been told. You have to be careful if there is printing on the plastic. Supposedly you can put that in a second or third layer with a clear bag on top, like if there is a design or picture on the bag you like, but if the printing is on the top layer something weird happens. Not sure what. I saw a bag made this way somewhere on the internet (sorry forgot where) and there is supposed to be a video of how to do it somewhere on YouTube, but I have no idea what you would search for.

  2. I've seen this too, not in action but mentioned online, fused bags?? something like that? I dare not try it lest I ruin my new iron ... you give it a go and see what happens!! It sounds cool.

  3. If you are waiting on me to try it, you shall have a long wait, my friend. There are too many pretty fabrics I can buy at the store to mess about with plastic bags. LOL! It does sound like an interesting idea though.


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