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This article came to me via an email list I belong to. It's about Bornelund, the children's toy shop. We loved to go there when Biggie was little. The toys are built to last, educational and age appropriate. It is run by Hiroko Nakanishi. I really like her business philosophy.

Shopping List has been a family favorite for years (Orchard Toys). It's a great one for young children. Biggie is six now and still enjoys it. The younger child looks at the picture and indeed the non-English speaker. Biggies friends request this one all the time.


  1. They have a shop near me, I love their stuff and often get tings for either home or school.
    There is a great adding game called Bus Stop that was poular with my kids a couple of years ago.

  2. Its a great game isn't it. Its also a good opportunity to practice writing as Biggie can copy the grocery items on the list. A classic game.

    PS - My cherished email isn't working this evening. I'm showing withdrawal symptoms.

  3. Yes, Biggie is great at this game. he hates to lose though (at anything) so it's good to play games with him.

  4. Today (Saturday) we ended up at an "outlet mall." I got the kids Shopping List and Bus Stop 'cause you ladies talked about them. Little Guy makes up his own rules, but both games were really fun and enjoyable. I just had to get over the fact that the list had "aubergine"(sp?) instead of "eggplant." It is a tough pill to swallow, but I managed it. The double decker buses didn't bother me though. LOL!

  5. oooh game night! brilliant
    aubergine is a lovely word


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