Patchwork? Yes!

I never thought I'd want to try patchwork or quilting. It's so intricate I think it requires a great deal of patience. Accuracy seems to be key. Straight lines are probably quite crucial otherwise the final outcome would be wonky. It's just not me.

Then I discovered this book. I had to have it. For one thing I'm big on last minute. I love giving gifts.

It arrived this morning and it is gorgeous. I want to make every single thing. It looks so easy. It's written simply and appealingly with the inexperienced quilter in mind. Beautiful illustrations, step by step instructions, advice about color choices. Best of all it's divided into chapters based on the time required. I love that since I'm impatient.

I found out about it here at Purl Bee. I ordered my copy directly from Amazon Japan.
ISBN 978-1584796343


  1. jan in nagasaki19 May 2008 at 6:49 AM

    oh that book looks nice. I look forward to seeing what you make from it!!!

    oh hey.... check out three books by TINA DAVIS..... I want them all.

    there is also a last minute knit looks good too.

  2. Oh wow Jan now I want them too. the covers are adorable. I have put them in my wish list.

    Everyone go to Amazon and search for Tina Davis - three books, Sow and Grow, See and Sew, Look and Cook.


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