I've had an order for a Thomas the Tank Engine apron and headscarf. My little customer chose the fabric himself but is leaving the rest up to me.

I've decided to back the apron in colorful canvas so tonight I pulled out two colors I think might work. I'll let it mull overnight and get sewing in the morning.

This has been a little sneak peek into the designer's mind ;)


  1. I already bought that exact combo of material and colors to make all the kindy bags for my Little Guy. (yes, a little early, but thinking ahead on it.) Some of my material is quilted, but great minds....LOL!

  2. Great, it's set then I will start on it soon. Great mind, thank you!

    I think it's a good idea to start early with the preparations. I had to order this fabric because a lot of it was already sold out in the shops.


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