Rain Rain Go away

After what seems like weeks of unseasonably warm weather and brilliant sunshine we have rain. Yesterday it poured solidly all day. Ordinarily it wouldn't bother me but today was Biggie's Sport's Day. Obviously it's been postponed so we're very disappointed. The whole family was planning to go, including one of Biggie's aunts. A picnic lunch had been bought and assembled and I had sewn the team ribbon onto Biggie's cap.

About 600 children attend Biggie's school. This caused a lot of panic amongst the mothers as to whether there would be enough space around the field for everyone to watch. Most families view this as a big event and go early to place a plastic tarpaulin on the ground thus securing their spot. It was recommended this be done at 4pm on Friday afternoon, yes two days before. Once that was done it was recommended that you visit the school several times over the weekend to check that nobody had stolen your spot. Crazy! We were planning to take our chances, slackers that we are.

Here's something even more bizarre. It's Sunday. The event has been postponed. Biggie still has to go to school and do his normal lessons. On a Sunday. There will be a day off tomorrow in compensation but still ...


  1. don't get me started on that whole
    rainy day sports day lessons.
    Aboslutely ridiculas. A lot of kids' grandparents come for it too, why not just let them spend the day hanging out wih family?
    Oh right, cos that would be fun!!!

  2. And you know, does it seem to anyone else like they always have it during the rainest parts of the year. If they do it in the fall it is always September when you get typhoons blowing through and if they do it in the spring, well, it rains in the spring, doesn't it. I guess other months are far too hot or cold, but it seems really stupid to me. If they ever ask my opinion about it I will certainly tell them so. And it isn't like they haven't rehearsed the whole entire sports festival from start to finish 2-3 times already.

  3. I think today would have been ideal. It was just very unfortunate freak rain. It cleared up after lunch :( He had a great day of games and they even had a nap there. He was very happy.


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