I was determined to get this bag made how I wanted it. It's done. I'm really pleased with it. I am going to use this one myself. I will take it proudly to the fabric store when I next go.

Tomorrow I will get back to work. I know a lot of you are waiting for your custom Mee a Bee bags to appear. I just needed a couple of days to sew with pure abandon, for myself.


  1. it's lovely! i'lle-mail you when i get two free hands--and i remember!

  2. I'm so pleased Illahee. I got your email so I'll mail it off asap! Thanks!

  3. Hi Love the dool fabric :)
    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog its nice to know people are reading.
    WE are having an Auckland sale next saturday if your interested drop me an email

  4. I actually thought of you when I bought it Ravenhill. Next time I go to the shop I'll try and get you some of the fabric if you like.


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