Sneaky File Tote

Linen mixed with cotton. Beautiful printed fabric but devilish to sew, especially once the straps and side seams were doubled over. No joke, I had to put my husband's clear lens glasses on since I was scared the needle would break.

Anyway Mrs. M is going to love sneaking files or magazines into work, do personal print-outs on the office printer, it takes A4 papers nicely ... revealing my true dishonest self?

And she has the matching iPod purse which hooks onto the strap so it's easy to grab.

I can just see her sitting in her office, flipping through a magazine, listening to tunes with one eye on my blog. After all that's what they pay her the big bucks for :)


  1. this fabric is so adorable! I'm glad I always wear glasses because I'm always afraid of poking my eye out with a broken needle. glad to hear I'm not the only one with that problem!

  2. I once broke a needle in my finger ... and a few weeks ago one snapped off and I still haven't found part of it ... The linen mix fabrics are really tough going for some reason.

    Thanks for popping in!

  3. It's gorgeous, I love it. And your posts on this and the ipod bag really made me laugh. We're just coming into a quiet time at work now so here's hoping I get lots of opportunities to use it.

  4. I had to make a dash to get an envelope for posting this morning but I should be able to mail it off tomorrow! You'll have it by next week, perfect timing!


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