Sports Day

Thanks to the dedication of my friends I am at the school sports event under a shade sail. They have had it set up since last Friday. Everyone else is sweltering in the hot sun.

Here's Biggie, third from the left, in the class dance.
Overall the day has been fun so far, much more relaxed and enjoyable than the kindergarten events were.


  1. We have great neighborhood friends who always get up at the crack of dawn to set up tarps and tents, too. Their dedication is amazing! Even for a good seat, I couldn't be bothered.

    I noticed that the elementary school undokai was much more relaxed than the preschool undokai, too. Last year we had to go to both (Emi was in first grade and Misaki was nen-cho-san) and we enjoyed the elementary school one a lot more. This year is only elementary school but for the four years after that we will have to attend both! I'm trying to be excited anyways.

    Did Biggie's team win?

  2. Yes! Biggie's team won! Blue: 260 points


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