Spring Means Pink

It's such gorgeous weather here today. The sky is so blue and clear. It makes me want to banish all the dark colors in my home. I've started sewing an apron from the gorgeous Sweet Treats Craft Pack. I'm cheating a bit since I have a bigger piece of fabric than I've put in the pack but a cafe-style half apron would be equally beautiful. I'll be wearing this apron on Friday at the second Chatty Cafe. Later I may add some of these to my shop. I just love the combination of stripes and cupcakes.


  1. We have some big fans of pink around here so we love all that material.

  2. Thanks Sherry! You're such a great encouragement to me.

  3. You're welcome. Your success gives me hope. By "success" I mean your new undertakings, but mostly I mean not losing your mind dealing with children the age of ours. LOL!

  4. Ha Ha I edit the really gruesome stuff


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