Thanks Betty

When you view teaching in your home as entertaining if becomes so much more enjoyable. I have a batch of chocolate brownies in the oven for my Thursday class. I've added an extra egg which will result in cake like brownies, I've never tried that before.

Last night I watched a documentary about cookies on the History channel. So many great companies had small beginnings and were started by women. Pepperidge Farm and Tollhouse for example. Actually the chocolate chip cookie was invented in the kitchen at the Tollhouse Inn which led to the invention of the chocolate morsel used in baking today. This morning I am using a mix from Betty Crocker.


  1. I love your chatty cafe idea. So glad it's going well.
    I have had a few ask if I'd start cooking classes but no way I'd have the confidence to do that. But I do love baking and combining it with english lessons sounds fun. Let me know if you decide to franchise ;-)

  2. Franchise!!!! you're talking my language now Corrina!
    Your baking is so incredible I think you should go for it. I can make you a Chatty Apron and you'll be all set!

  3. You know I've been looking for a cute apron. Pink, fitted, retro... maybe we could work something out. I'll be in touch =)

  4. Corrina, I have a new book of apron patterns. Retro ... frilly ... sexy, whatever your desire. Drop me a line!


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