This looks like fun

One of the things I love about my kitchen (I hesitate to use the word love, but what the hell I'm nothing if not passionate) is my stainless steel range hood. I really do love it.

As with most things the love affair had to end. Overwhelmed by the smell of stale cooking oil I was forced to clean it this afternoon. It was disgusting. Imagine the greasy kitchen of your local Chinese takeaway.

Fortunately it was a job easily tackled by Blooming. I encourage you to try this at home.

What you will need:
A large roll of thick paper towels
A bottle of Orange Power (or similar)
Cloth and hot water

Spray liberally with Orange Power, wait a few minutes and wipe clean with paper towels. Follow with a wipe with hot cloth and presto you're done. Orange Power really is amazing. Thanks to RobTee for putting me onto this.

Alternatively you could call your local Merry Maids and have them do it for you!

*in the picture, it's hard to say what I love more, my range hood (in the background) or Little Guy, seen here at one week old.


  1. Oh I did the same thing recently and I love Orange power too although I could smell it for about two days after the range hood cleaning job. Of course I had to use absolutely gallons of the stuff during my cleaning job. Mine was, (this is so disgusting) dripping grease on the stove top! I hadn't cleaned it for TWO years. I am such a bad housewife.


  2. I am in hysterics here, actually crying with laughter. Mine was THE SAME, dripping! can you believe it, Miss Prim and Proper in her apron???? (it's all smoke and mirrors)
    Yes, two years, since we moved in. I had never cleaned it.
    And yes, I think I made it seem a tiny bit easier than it was in reality. It was easy but I had to use a gallon of the spray!!! hehehe

  3. I absolutely love newborn babies! They are so unreal, sort of.... :)

    I bet your kitchen smells like a big juicy orange now :)
    I use a cleaner with lavender smell in bathroom. I guess I have n`t figured out to use it in reasonable amounts :))

  4. be careful Eva, you might find yourself with another one ... newborn that is!

    He had masses of hair, I'm just remembering.


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