Withering Glances and other stuff

About three years ago I bought a packet of jumbo-size band-aids. I have two boys so I figured I would need them one day. Today Biggie came home with "some bad news about his back". He'd fallen off the swing and grazed his spine quite badly. I was so pleased that I had everything at hand. I'll spare you the gruesome details but my stomach turned a few times when I was changing the bandage. I obviously need to toughen up.

I noticed that it really looked like he'd been run over by a bicycle. He's still young enough to be no good at lying (or I know him so well) so I believed him when he said it was an accident. I took the opportunity to talk to him about bullies. He naively asked why someone would want to do something like that ( I wonder the same thing, baby). I cited the "Bad Boys" in one of his books, Hector's New Sneakers by Amanda Vesey. The bullies try to steal Hector's new sneakers - on his birthday!, luckily Leroy, the school hero, saves the day. He withers one of them with a glance. Great stuff and well done Mummy!

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