Bloggers Meet-up

Today I am meeting one of my frequent commenters, fellow New Zealander, Tamakikat. She's hoping I'll fire up the coffee machine ;) and I think there may have been mention of a cake ... Have a great day! I'm off to do some housework.


  1. We had a great day. TK was like a long lost friend and aunty to my kids. We all loved her. She wasn't an axe murderer! (I wasn't really worried).
    We baked a chocolate zucchini cake but sadly it was very disappointing, nowhere near chocolatey enough for me. Biggie couldn't eat his at all.
    Thanks for coming TK, please come again.

  2. Thanks B,
    for such a good day.
    It was so good to meet you in guys person.
    Shame we don't live closer but then again probably lucky as I probably end up at your house eating all your cake and marmite bagels and drinking all your coffee:)
    Look forward to seeing you again.
    A big hello to the boys.


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