This afternoon I didn't have much time but I wanted to make some small items to pop in with orders for my store. I made four fabric bookmarks. I'm quite pleased with them but I still need to refine the technique.

Don't you love the tricolor striped ribbon I have used with the Parisian Cat fabric? I found that this morning while I was at the supermarket (with a quick detour via the hobby shop).

For one I have simply layered fabric and iron on interfacing, heated with the iron to seal and sewn around the edges. It may fray quite badly ...

The others I have sewn, turned through, then inserted the interfacing and top-stitched closed. They have a tidier finish but are more fiddly to make.


  1. I made some bookmarks from paper that I had printed cool designs on. My family loved getting them as a little extra present at Christmas. I had copied the Kikki K bookmarks that have magnets on both sides so they stay in place. I love your bookmarks, perfect for those left over pieces of fabric that are too precious to throw out. Maybe you should sell them.

  2. Good idea! I will make some nice ones, perfect the technique.


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