Busy Busy

This week I am busy getting ready for my friends' visit which starts this coming weekend. The days will be filled with lessons including Chatty Cafe on Wednesday. The nights I will sew sew sew as I can't see myself getting much done with a pal to chat to from next week.

Tonight I am thinking about pets. This week Etsy is showcasing items for pets. I'm too late to get in on the action but I was planning to make some little totes for dog walkers from this fabric I got a few weeks ago (from Kokka). Isn't that cute?

Little Guy loves dogs and spots them everywhere. He'll be happy.


  1. Here is another product for dog walkers. I think you'll like it:

    SmartWalk Manager - The Smart Way to Walk Your Dogs. Allows you to do more than hold leashes while walking your dogs.

    SmartWalk Manager - The Smart Way to Walk Your Dogs

    We sell dog products to a small niche of dog owners: Those with one or more dogs.

    The SmartWalk Manager for responsible dog owners who:
    * Love exercising with their pets
    * Like the convenience of having items available to them while walking and/or traveling with their pets
    * Having treats available as rewards at the time of the good behavior
    * Would like the possibility of doing more than holding leashes while walking their dog(s)
    * http://www.RGPetComm.com
    "Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies." !!

  2. I'll leave this here. I'm not a dog owner but some of you might be. It's a genuine shop as far as I can tell.


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