Chatty Cafe

The cafe for beginners was just lovely. The delightful Mrs. A brought me a huge bunch of flowers from her garden: calla lilies, hydrangeas and beautiful green foliage. Thank you!

The cake was delicious (and very easy to make). Chocolate Mud cake. From the Edmond's kid's book (Biggie's book).

The drink of choice today was lemon Zinger tea from Celestial tea. It was a popular choice due to the inclusion of Rosehips (good for the complexion?) It is an intriguing blend. I personally don't like herb teas so I had a Latte Machiatto.

Since it was a beginner's cafe I prepared "Help Cards" of common conversation topics such as food, travel, hobbies. I was most impressed by the perseverance of each chatter to speak English and engage the other guests. Well done ladies!

I'll plan another Beginner's Cafe for the end of the month. July is going to be a hectic month for me with personal commitments.

I still have an opening in my schedule for mid-month if anyone is interested (June).


  1. Looks like your photography is improving you should be happy with that second pic. It looks great.

  2. Can I have that slice of cake please?, it looks delicious, I like the flower arrangement too. I am glad your morning went well. My little Goth has been standing in the mirror modelling her Meeabee bag. Will send pictures at the weekend.

  3. Thanks both of you. K my new camera really is point and shoot, so much better than the old one.
    Flitwych, I am glad you mentioned the flower arrangement, it took me ages to get it looking pretty!
    The cake is all gone, just had the last piece - gave away the other leftover bits. YUMMY

  4. Celestial Seasonings herb tea is very popular at my school. I have a small drink bar for students and they love trying different types of herb tea. Recently I've been using London Fruit and Herb teas, and they're also popular. (plus I can buy them in my city so kind of a bonus!)

    Personally I'm not a big herb tea fan either, nothing beats a cup of Earl Grey for me, but the herb teas do smell divine!

    That cake looks to die for! Sounds yummy.

    I'm interested in your Chatty Cafe idea. Have you blogged about what you do or how you set it up? (If you did, could you point me to the place?) Thanks!


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