Let's start thinking about Christmas extra early this year! I can't go back to New Zealand this summer so I am looking forward to going at Christmas. I won't repeat last year's Guam nightmare. I am going to make a plan now, work out an itinerary and start saving. Will we see the return of frugal Dougal?


  1. I think you are one amazingly organised and proactive woman even THINKING about Christmas!

    When we go on holidays, I get a wee bit excited crazy and buy a cheap gummed top notepad and spend literally hours writing a countdown with an 'interesting fact' about our destination on each page. Then I stick it to our bathroom mirror so each morning we tear off another 'countdown page' and feel a bit more excited about going away. Last time we came to Japan I did this over 100 days before - it nearly killed me to do up front, but it was worth the effort in helping us look forward to the trip more and more each day!

  2. What a FANTASTIC idea. Off to the 100 yen shop on this rainy day to get one!!!!

  3. I totally know what you mean about planning ahead for a trip. I think it staves off homesickness for me. I planned this trip we're taking in July over a year and a half ago and I've already got the next one lined up. We're going to go home for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler (an hour from where my parents live). I'm figuring the Olympics trip is going to be expensive so I'm foregoing a trip home in 2009 to save money.

    I make lists. List of stuff to do before we go, lists of stuff to take, lists of stuff to buy there, lists of stuff to do there, etc. My husband laughs at my lists but they work!

  4. o.k. that sounds good - are you thinking about inexpensive gifts? Christmas is up in the air for us as well.

  5. Oh gawd - gifts! hadn't thought about that


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