Devoid of inspiration

Little Guy is still not sleeping well during the day nor at night. It's left me feeling exhausted and exasperated.

Chatty Cafe is booked full tomorrow so a cake is needed. I feel in desperate need of something decadent and chocolatey. I went for the heavy guns - French Cooking Made Easy (Australian Women's Weekly Home Library) but alas large quantities of heavy cream were needed. Next it was a frantic search through Donna Hay, Barefoot Contessa, Martha Stewart.

In the end I have found just what I was after in good old Edmonds, a trusted name in New Zealand for about 100 years. I'm making a chocolate mud cake from the kids Junior cookbook.

PS. I have new poll over on the Chatty Cafe blog I'd appreciate your (serious) vote on. I have serious concerns about this I'd appreciate your input.


  1. i have the Edmond's cookbook too - not the kids one though. its a NZ classic huh.
    actually i NEVER use it, but flipping through it reminds me of my childhood. mum's was always kept handy in the bottom drawer of the kitchen.

  2. Oh my mum kept hers in the bottom drawer too, amongst the tea towels, old plastic bags and twisty ties. It didn't have a cover and a few pages were missing.

    I use mine a lot. (for the basics, nothing fancy kind of cooking)

    The kid's ones are really good, Biggie can make a lot of things by himself. After Little Guy was born I photocopied a few of the simple no-cook recipes for Biggie to prepare himself, he was four and a half. A great idea for occupying the big brother (or sister)


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