Driving me off the edge

My reluctant model agreed to try on this bag before he dashed off to school this morning. He insists that he doesn't like it because he doesn't like green, doesn't like cars, doesn't like any of my bags. Needless to say he was in a bad mood.

The bag is a prototype book bag I started a couple of weeks ago. The edges are raw on the outside so the bias binding has been holding me up. First I made my own but not enough. Then I couldn't find a color I liked to match the bag. Now it seems one packet is not enough. Why, why, why do I torture myself with it?

It might have something to do with the thousands of choices available in bias binding. Captain 88 . Look at this page.


  1. Kids huh... But the bag is beautiful!!! I also like the red drops bag in your previous post. Gosh you are talented!
    X lies

  2. Thanks Lies! Yes kids!!

    I'm back from the shops now with another colour bias binding, of course I was at a different shop and they didn't have the colour I needed. I'll use this new packet on the other bag.

  3. to tell you the honest truth, i don't know that much about bias binding and in fact have used it very little.

    perhaps i should do some research and look in to what bias tape could be doing to improve my life.

    that cute stuff you pointed out is really cute. I wonder what I could do with that?????

  4. Well Jan binding quilts would be the obvious use ... bibs, blankets.

    Heather Bailey shows you how here:

  5. OK just go to Heather's blog


    then look on the right for the tutorial

  6. yes. thank you for the Heather news. I will check that out later. and yes, I have heard about quilts and binding... I choose the "fold the backing up and over the front" technique.

    I am one of those "use what you have on hand" and "minimum expense" quilters and would probably find bias tape an "unnecessary" expense. Although that place you pointed out sure has some cool ones.


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