The early bird catches the worm

Here's a little rant. Little Guy - 5.00am - waking up. Not good. Not a morning person. Especially not on a Sunday.


  1. That's when it gets light, right? I'm considering putting cardboard in the windows of my two younger daughter's room. I want to re-decorate their room in the Fall and I'll do light-blocking curtains then but in the meantime as soon as the sun comes up they think it's time to wake up. And kick the walls. And play peek-a-boo with each other. It's starting to get irritating!

  2. Well ...he has blackout curtains from NZ as well as the roller door/shutters down! The crack of light under his door is blocked with a draft stopper. He likes his door open these days though so I guess it's the light.
    Big problem is that he has crashed after being tired since 8.30am.

  3. Ooh I feel your pain!! Joey woke my up at 5.30am on saturday and I was literally in tears with exhaustion! I think my Mum realised how worn out I was because she took him off my hands on saturday night so I could have a lie-in on sunday morning. I flaked out on the sofa at 6.30pm on sat evening- what an exciting life I lead! LOL!

  4. Oh I wish your mum would take my kids for an evening or a week or a year!


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