Globe Trotters

Friends from home will be visiting soon. I'm very excited although I admit to feeling nervous about how they will handle the hot weather. They are coming from the cold depths of the south to the hot humid tropics (that's how it felt yesterday). I'll stock the fridge with all the makings for margaritas and ice cream for the kids. We'll hope for the best.

In anticipation of their departure my friend requested a travel billfold for her passport. I've made one like the one I made for Doris' recent trip (welcome home Sweetie).


  1. Doris just loves her, she was so proud going off with it, with her passport and pen and papers in.
    It was the icing on the cake.

  2. Margaritas and icecream. Definitely a great way to beat the heat.

  3. You should come and visit tamakikat, over the summer, get the bus to KIX. There's lots to see and do if you like shopping.

  4. I must admit I am a bit worried about the heat too... but margaritas and icecream sounds fantastic!! Little E will have her togs, and will love splashing in the paddle pool I am sure! And we will just have to manage.
    Oh, i just love the travel billfold - it is GORGEOUS.

  5. if you have very low expectations we'll be fine :)


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