Hair there and everywhere

This morning I have finally decided that I am desperate for a haircut. I was going to attempt to take Little Guy to the salon with me. Instead I have gone against my core instinct and actually asked for some help from a friend. She has agreed to come with me and watch Little Guy. What a relief!

As an expat this is one of the issues I deal with, haircuts. Firstly I don't have any relatives nearby to help out with the odd afternoon of childcare. As you know my husband is almost never home and certainly not in retail hours. So I am always in a quandary about what to do with my kids.

Once I arrive at the salon I usually defer to the stylists judgment since it's hard to explain what I want (in Japanese). I am so out of touch with styles anyway I have no idea. Lastly I have very very very fine hair which confounds the Japanese hair dressers so I don't get the best cut. Therefore I am going to the cheap and nasty salon where you don't need an appointment.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!

    I never get good haircuts here either. I really have never been perfectly happy with a single cut. My mom's hair dresser at home is a whiz though, only charges $16 or something ridiculous and always does my hair perfectly. Then I take a picture and hope my next hairdresser in Japan will be able to emulate it but they never can.

    I always tell them to go light on the tsukibasami(?) but they never do.

    The curse of fine hair, I guess.

  2. Good luck. I haven't been to get a haircut in 2 years! Luckily I have a boring style that doesn't really change with length.

    I can't get a proper haircut here either. My hair is fine and wavy which turns into frizzy curls here in Japan. Poor DD has my hair. I have a feeling I will be paying big bucks for her to get those straightening treatments in the future. I used to get them, but they always take about 5 hours. I don't have that kind of time.

  3. I've been incredibly lucky with my stylist. I asked my Eikaiwa predecessor where she went and I went there too. I still go there. She speaks a little English so we manage fine. My hair never looked this good in Canada!

    I always take a picture from a hair magazine to give her the idea of what I want.

    The only problem is after my last cut I had a bad reaction to the "treatment" she used on my hair. It's finally better now, but I've had an uncomfortable month.

  4. I hate getting my hair cut here, too. I've had a little bit more luck with a new salon (Franck Provost) that is in the new mall they built near us last year. The first time I didn't take a picture and the guy wasn't sure what to do so the next time I took a picture and it turned out much better. I need to go again soon!

  5. I totally know what you mean about not having a babysitter, too. I hesitate to ask my really nice neighbors because I know they'll say yes even if they had something else they needed to do and then I'll find out later and feel bad. It's just not worth the hassle most of the time. So on Mondays when my husband is home I try to cram all of those types of chores into the few hours that are available. I can't imagine what I would do if I didn't have that Monday, though!

  6. in the states i like a chain cheap place... and in japan i like to change salons... i usually like the cuts I get the first hairdressers get to "know my hair" the cuts get worse and worse.....

    what to do with your kids while they are young is a huge stress point.good luck and post a photo!

  7. I'm back! It took hours so remind me NOT to go to the no appointment place again. I waited for almost 2 hours would you believe. TIME is MONEY so it's not worth spending less on the cut when you spend the whole day there.

    The cut is quite nice but there won't be a picture. It's a bit 70s, before "product" was invented.

    Little Guy had a blast playing with my two friends and the two little boys. I guess it's a case of what goes around comes around. I've never asked for help before but looking back I have probably done a lot for them in the past so they were happy to return the favour.

    I feel exhausted now.

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  9. Funny, going to a salon in NZ scares me more than going to one here in Kyoto. So much so when I was living in Auckland I ended up going to a Japanese stylist!

  10. I loved my hairdresser in Japan. My only complaint was they he never made my hair as blonde as I wanted it but I guess he was erring on the side of caution. I LOVED the cuts he gave me though and have been struggling with trying to get the girl here to do the same kind of thing. I guess they have different ways of cutting it. When I had it cut in Japan it would just fall nicely into flicks but here I have to try really hard to get my hair to look the way I want it to. I like the colour better here though. I guess I am unusual in my experiences by the sounds of things!

    You sooo have to post pictures of your haircut!!


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