Happy Shopping

I've had a plan in the back of my mind that I wanted a huge square platter on my kitchen bench as a kind of catchall for the junk that inevitably makes its way to there.

I have walked past a little shop in the local town center that sells antique vases and other *expensive* Japanese decorating items a dozen times, always too afraid to go in.

Today I finally went in to ask if they had what I wanted. I was encouraged by the cheap stuff on a table outside the back. This one was $10.00, a second apparently, unsigned. It's solid and very heavy, glazed beautifully. A bargain for me.

I'm so happy. The old lady was extremely helpful and friendly. She looked about 90 years old and was tiny but didn't seem fazed by the giant foreigner in her store at all.

Flowers - locally grown, from the Farmer's Market yesterday. Also a steal at 80 cents each.


  1. It's really lovely. If I ever come visit you I am going to help myself to it. LOL!

  2. You'd be more than welcome to do that. if that's all it would take to get you to come!!

  3. i have a square (pottery) tray i made a long time ago.... i wonder where it is..

    my problem is that i put out a container as a "catch all" and it does indeed catch all and is soon full... of little crappy crap stuff that i don't know what to do with!!!!!!!

    i wonder where that pottery tray is. probably under a plant somewhere. I have to go look for it now.

  4. Wow, you made one!! Cool!
    I think any unclaimed items will be "recycled" into the bin :)

  5. Its gorgeous! I love it especially its ceramics... I +m at lookout myself, but Id love to find soomething made of wood, though.
    You are absolutely lucky girl to find something so pretty for a bargain, really!

  6. Thought I'd already commented...? That is a lovely tray, and your whole kitchen is really cool!

  7. Thanks!

    Eva I hope you find what you are looking for.

  8. Your kitchen looks amazing! And I love the tray. I have been trying a similar thing in my kitchen... but my tray does get a bit cluttered with junk! And your tray is nicer!

  9. Is that an oven tucked into the wall unit in the left bottom corner of the pic? I will be so jealous if it is!

    The ceramic tray is beautiful. The picture looks like a cover of Real Simple magazine (which is my favorite magazine right now).

  10. Sarah ... it is an oven!!!! the producer of all the wonderful cakes :)

  11. I was wondering how you were making your cakes. Is it a convection oven? Do you have to adjust your cooking time and/or temp when baking?

    Just curious because I'm always having to fiddle with that type of stuff with my convection oven. I've done pretty well over the last few years, even cooking a turkey (although it almost didn't fit in the oven!) but I'm always a little nervous when I try baking something for the first time.

  12. Sarah, the general rule that I have heard is to decrease the cooking temp 10 degrees C but leave the cooking time the same. It seems to work with the two convection ovens I have used here.

  13. I must have a lame-ass convection oven then because I always end up raising the temp 10 degrees and increasing the cooking time by 5-10 minutes or my cakes aren't cooked through to the middle and my cookies won't become "golden".


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