I am such a worry wart

I have just sent Little Guy off on his first playdate. Without me. My heart is pounding. Will he be OK?


  1. How did Little Guy go? Its a big step! Well done you :)

  2. Thanks for asking. He had an excellent time of course. He was with a pretty good friend of mine and another mum who has four children of her own so he was in good hands. They even gave him lunch, mindful of is allergies, it was a great deal. I only wish I had taken a book so I could have made the most of my "outing".

  3. The first time I had to leave my Little Guy with a drop in day care center (for his sisters yochien interview and etc) I was a nervous wreck. Practically hysterical. His sister cried and cried because he thought we were giving him to them. Now, without a worry in the world about him, I drop him off when I have things at the kindy that I just absolutely cannot deal with him and do at the same time. If I could afford it I would drop him off even more often. It will be much easier next time.

  4. Yes, and if they offer again I will say YES PLEASE

  5. I know this was a big step for you both! It's been so long since I went through the same experience with my two girls (now 24 and 15!)...and now my teenager is half-way around the world on a school trip!


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