Me & my giant arms

Risking all credibility as a cute bag maker I am posting a picture of me holding the new bag with my giant arms. Just for you! So you can see and appreciate the style of the bag. (My bags are cute, I'm not!)

I've lined this bag with red & white gingham and am calling it Ant's Picnic. The ubiquitous red & white picnic blanket and ants!

It closes with red & white gingham ribbon. It has a reinforced shoulder strap with red rick rack trim and gingham lining.

I think this would be a great bag for a 'tween girl, teenager or college student. It's a nice size and weight, not too fussy and it won't break the bank (once I list it).


  1. That bag is so cute! I came across your blog from Japan Explained. I'm not exactly in the age range you specified, but I am looking for a new bag (once I've saved some pennies, I mean, yen). Though I'll likely have to get something bigger in the end.
    Your arms look fine. You've probably been watching too many summer deodorant commercials...

  2. Thanks Skye! Yes, too much Japanese television will do your head in.

    Drop me a line if I can sew something special for you!

  3. I didn't think it was you. Your walking must be paying off.:)

    Now I wish I could find the time to do it too.

    Love the bag by the way, as always brillant blooming inspiration.

  4. Aack! I know what you mean about the "arms" thing. I went out for lunch yesterday with three of my friends to celebrate two of their birthdays and at the end we had the waitress take a picture and I was appalled at how my arms looked. I need to start working on that and quick!!!

  5. Your arms look fine. You just think they look big because you live in Stickbug Land. :-)


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