It's Monday and like mothers everywhere I am exhausted after the weekend. Anticipating a busy week I have enlisted the help of my Crockpot. Today it's lasagna. It will be ready in 9 hours.

Biggie has a day off today since he had to go to school for one hour yesterday (a whole day for one hour??). He's had a slight cold so it's probably just as well he's having a day to regroup.

Little Guy is wreaking havoc somewhere. He likes to climb onto the window sills, peel bananas and stuff the toilet brush into the loo, not all at the same time thankfully.


  1. Go Little Guy! Kids crack me up!

  2. It's not a crack up today. Little Guy has been banned from the bathroom after 1. squeezing out a whole tube of toothpaste 2. locking himself in the shower and pouring out a whole bottle of blue Buzz Lightyear shampoo.

    THEN Biggie called out that there had been a disaster, he had thrown up all over the toilet, walls, floor, cupboards. It was not funny, not one little bit.

    DO NOT have kids!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Don't you wish you had checked the return policy on them more carefully? I know I sure do!

  4. Hey, is Biggie OK? Poor thing that must have been pretty violent your toilet isn't that close to the cupboards!!!

    Little guy needs some outside run around time! That was my remedy with DS!

  5. Sherry, right on the money again!

    Kaimacat, Biggie seems OK but he slept solid for a few hours after the "upheaval", he blames the dodgy lunch I gave him. He seems to have quite an appetite now but I am treading carefully and only letting him have dry toast. He says he is starving.

    Little Guy gets into a lot of mischief outside too. His indoor antics have been much worse with all this rain admittedly.

  6. Sounds like little guy is making up for lost time when you thought he would never move! If it is not one then it is the other hey!?

    My DD and I are having battles at the moment she won't do anything!! AARGggh!

  7. Oh no. Sounds like you're in need of a break.

    Want to swop some Junior High Students (-I'll have 100 tomorrow) for your kids for the day?


  8. Hey, that sounds like a real challenge:) Seriously do you have back-up for when you need a break?

  9. Sob sob there's no back-up, no breaks.

    Right now my kids are playing outside (our section is fenced). I am hoping that Biggie will let me know if Little Guy gets into strife. As long as I can hear them mostly I know they are OK. They are not quiet unless they are up to mischief.

    Most of my blog posts are done in snatched moments of no more than 5-10 minutes on the computer. I compose them in my head while I am doing housework.

    About a year and a half ago my husband and I went to a movie together. That was nice ... my mum came to visit so was here to look after the kiddies, hubs raced home from work so we could make the late show. Apart from that one or both of us is always with the kids. Such is life!


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