An ongoing argument

Ever since Biggie started kindergarten two and a half years ago we have had an ongoing argument about the amount of water he drinks. He claims there is no time for drinks. He takes a drink bottle everyday and most days it comes home full or he drinks it quickly as he walks up the driveway. The teacher never tells the children to get a drink. Isn't dehydration an issue when it is 30 plus degrees outside? I think staying hydrated would go a long way towards improving Biggie's after school mood (which is described as variable at best). I wonder if it's an issue for any of the other children. Any thoughts?

I should send this report along to his teacher.


  1. We have a bit of the same problem although in the really hot weather DD does drink some of her water that I send, and the school provides barley tea for the kids to drink all year. I worry about it, but in general Japanese people seem to drink much less than I think a person needs so maybe it is a culture thing (or maybe there bodies are so very different, lol!, yk?. When I was in school I remember not drinking anything at all except at lunch and the odd slurp at the water fountain now and then. I am sure they will be okay we moms just have to worry, don't we?

  2. My girls beg to be able to take water or otya to school but whenever I send it with them they hardly drink any of it. I don't mind sending water with them but I hate sending otya because I know they're not going to drink it which seems to be a waste. Another thing they like is when I freeze the water in the pet bottle and then as it melts throughout the day they will drink it. They seem to drink more this way.

    But in the summer months and especially when they're practicing for undokai (ours is in October) they drink all of it.

    The school does provide milk for them at lunch so I know at least they're drinking something.

  3. I guess I'll just keep harping and he'll keep ignoring me!

  4. Sarah, your kids may beg to have water sent as it is kind of a weird status symbol, at least at our kindergarten. The school only allows extra water or tea to be sent June 1 until the day of the sport's festival in early October. Like I said, they provide tea for the kids all year long so if someone doesn't bring a water bottle they still get something to drink whenever they want it, and they have drinks in the winter too.

    However, having the cute bottles that your mom fixed for you is very important to the kids at our school. One day I walked out and forgot my daughter's. I noticed when we were almost to the school and thought it would be no big deal since there was tea available. She cried and cried and told me the other kids would make fun of her for not having one (which I totally believe) so I ended up having to go all the way home and get it because she was breaking my heart over it.

    So, I don't know what is going on with Biggie, but for your girls it may be something like that and not really have anything to do with how thirsty they are or aren't.

  5. shouldn't the genius that mother nature is provide that he will drink it if he needs it.

    my kids are bringing home undrunk tea these days, but as the days get hotter, they will drink it.

    i think it all balances out. you are doing fine. you are a good mom. your kids are fine. you are a good mom.

    just think, in the that age are drinking multiple cokes and koolaid every day!!!

  6. Phew! I'm off the hook! I'm a good mother despite Biggie refusing his drink. LOL, thanks Jan for the reassurances.

  7. I had this problem with DDs kindergarten already this year. The kindy does insist that the kids take a thermos, the thermos contents are supposed to be tea and NOTHING else.

    Only a couple of weeks ago the kindergarten called saying she had a fever and could I come and get her? I was shocked she had been fine in the morning.

    I get to kindy and she is fine. Ask them to take her temperature and lo and behold it is normal!

    I asked DD if she had been running around outside, she said yes. I told the staff she had a touch of heatstroke and that they had better make sure the kids drank more.

    They were shocked heatstroke hadn't even occurred to them!!! NO WONDER kids die in this country from running around outside doing sports in debilitating humidity!

    Both my kids drink a lot, Blooming I think a visit to the school is in order. It may not be Biggie but someone else...

    Biggie like all first graders is not going to do something if he is not told to. My DS school require drink bottles and they have tea time after any outside play. There are water fountains all around the school.

    Good Luck

  8. Heya.

    How about getting Biggie to grow a carrot man or something? You could tell him he's like the man-he needs water to grow...

    Also you can keep him eating his veges and fruit which should help him keep hydrated.

    As well as checking what he's drinking at home. Does he have juice/milk/tea or water? Maybe he has a preference? Maybe's he's drinking when you don't know about it?

    Do you drink a lot? I'm thinking of leading by example. Maybe you could praise him when he does drink rather than razzing him when he doesn't. It would be nicer for both of you I'm sure.


  9. Good advice there, thanks.

    Today he drank all his water. I'll lay off for now :) more fruit and veg won't go amiss.

    Parent teacher interviews are coming up, I'll mention the drinks to his teacher.

    Apart from that I guess he's been fine thus far (one incident of heatstroke two years ago).


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