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You'll be pleased to know I am still walking when possible, incorporating my daily tasks into a walk. This morning it was the post office, the dollar shop and the supermarket (all usually driven to).

Along the way today we discovered a towel shop (this is the towel district remember) that sells Shinzi Katoh towels. The shop wasn't open so I may have to return one day.

We also found a pottery studio/gallery/shop just around the corner. It looked interesting. The shop was also closed like so many businesses are on a Monday in Japan so I don't really even know what's on offer. Whenever I am in New Zealand I try to visit the famous Morris and James Pottery. It's about an hours drive out of Auckland but it's well worth a visit if for nothing else but the cafe.

And good news! After many many inquiries and comments about the cuteness of the Happy Party Table set (runner and place mats) it has finally set sail for its new home in Scandinavia. But just last week I found the store has a new supply of the same fabric ... of course I still have on Happy Tote bag in my store.


  1. jan in nagasaki2 June 2008 at 9:19 PM

    pot shops and towels??? damn. you live in a great neighborhood.

    and good for you for walking and not driving. good for you and good for the environment. it also gives you a slowed down version of the world around you.

  2. Summer hols are soon Jan!! come on over.

    Good for the environment? yes and I use my eco-tote at three shops :)

    Now Biggie needs a named supermarket bag for swimming next week and we haven't got any again!!!


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