TGI Friday

My week's work is done. I've closed my textbooks, hung up my apron and packed away the coffee machine. It's the weekend!

What better way to start it than a small trip to the material shop with a quick detour to Mos Burger. And now here comes Co-op.


  1. Is that picture from Mos Burger? There is something so typically Japanese about it I laughted outloud.

  2. yep! the construction of a burger:
    two all beef patties, special sauce, pickles, onions, lettuce, cheese and a sesame seed bun. oops that's a Big Mac, wrong colored M.

  3. How is is possible to eat all that without it disintergrating?? I can only do it with Burger King- taste isn't as good, but it's wide and flat and stays in one piece...

  4. it's not, they're damn messy but so good! you spend the rest of the day trying to wash the smell of the thousand island dressing off your hands.

    thanks for popping in Alex, off to look at your page


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