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What's on the box? The new season of Cold Case is starting in July. Veronica Mars looks promising. It's new to Japan and starts next month as well. The new season of House has already started, I am loving it, of course. There is still no sign of ER (is there??). I caught a mention of a new season of The West Wing, not sure if it's one I have already seen. Season 2 of Prison Break is on and those hotties finally reeled me in. I watched it for the first time last weekend and think I am hooked. I might take a peek at the new season of The OC. Re-runs of Grey's Anatomy are still worth watching on a Thursday night. American Idol. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. The finale screened on Sunday here. I am thrilled with the outcome and have already downloaded the winning song on itunes.

Any you want to add?


  1. Do you have cable TV? We have WOWOW so I do watch Cold Case and Grey's Anatomy and all the CSI shows. I loved The West Wing. It was one of the few shows that I would actually tape and then re-watch because I didn't catch everything the first time.

    Who's your favourite character on Cold Case? I like Detective Vera, played by Jeremy Ratchford. He's a Canadian actor.

    I'm hoping we'll get more ER, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty on NHK soon.

  2. I don't have WowWow just normal cable (JCOM).
    My main channels are Fox, Fox LifeHD, AXN. I have some others but mainly watch those.

    I missed out CSI, I love that!

    Ugly Betty is on Super Channel, I've seen it about three times, quite good.

    I LOVE Det. Rush. She is SOOOOO beautiful. I want her hair, her teeth, her skin and her brilliant mind.

    I'm a bit over Desp. Housewives.

  3. Veronica Mars is the best TV programme EVER..

  4. Yay - we saw the final of American Idol last weekend too - and it was so cool that our guy won!! I was totally prepared for the other David to win.

  5. It was a real nailbiter wasn't it? the final dual.

  6. What Midori said! I am so excited that my DH can watch Veronica Mars with me. It sucks that the next epi isn't until July 7 though.

    Both Medium and Ghose Whisperer have started this season. Isn't that funny? I'll check them both out, but not sure what the difference is.

  7. From the first episode of VM I'm not sure if I'll think it's the BEST show ever. But certainly worth watching.

    I really think Brothers and Sisters takes the prize for me.


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